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Business Law

We regularly advise clients with regard to establishing and operating their businesses, whether sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations, or limited liability companies (LLC's). We can identify the advantages and challenges of various forms of business activities, assist in making the right decisions to protect assets and interests, and provide proactive advice aimed at keeping a business healthy and prosperous.

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We are experienced in the preparation of wills, living trusts, marital trusts, insurance trusts, powers of attorney and various arrangements that enable our clients to use the simplest and most cost-effective methods of transferring their estates to their family with minimum tax consequences and probate expenses. We will carefully listen to your goals and compassionately see that they are achieved.

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Elder Law/Medicaid

Unfortunately we all age and in many cases our legal needs increase as the end of active life nears. Our attorneys have many innovative strategies to deal with asset management and disposition to enable our clients and their families to move on to care center residency and qualify for medicaid benefits. We are adept at using legal tools such as Joint Survivorship Deeds, Transfer on Death Deeds to help our clients plan and avoid the Probate Estate process.

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Probate Administration: With our experienced and empathetic staff of attorneys, Paralegals and Assistants we efficiently and compationately settle Estates of all sizes and complexity. We are able to charge economical fees for our work aided by our specialized estate administration and tax computer software.

Adoptions: Our adoption attorneys have handled agency private placement, foreign children and step parent adoptions discretely and efficiently for decades. We appreciate the joy an adoption can bring a family and strive to eliminate the negatives and risks from the process.

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Real Estate Transactions

Our attorneys regularly provide sound legal advice for the sale of homes; farms; and business properties as well as communication tower and pipeline easements. We can handle everything from the sale or purchase of your home to complicated multi-million dollar business property sale and financing transactions.

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Government Entity Counsel

At one time or another we have served as law director, solicitor, or legal counsel to nearly every governmental entity in Tuscarawas County. We have many decades of experience in dealing with government operation and litigation. We prosecute all criminal matters for the governmental entities that we represent, and have considerable experience coordinating financing and bonding of governmental infrastructure matters.

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Municipal/Water and Sewer District

We have considerable experience in all facets of the day to day operations and funding of water and sewer districts. Our visonary founder, Donald W. Zimmerman, served as the initial legal counsel to the establishment of the Atwood Regional Water & Sewer District and the Tuscarawas County Metropolitan Water & Sewer District. Since their humble beginnings, these Districts have grown exponentially in respect and scope. Our legal group has several decades of experience in advising the Districts on day to day operations, employee and customer matters. On dozens of occasions we have coordinated the sale of bonds and financing instruments to underwrite the Districts' infrastructure improvements and construction.

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Injuries, Accidents, Wrongful Death

We can agressively help you deal with insurance companies and other entities responsible for trying to make you whole as a result of accident, injury or a wrongful death. Our depth of experience and size lets us properly evaluate and invest resources in your case.

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Real Estate Disputes

We have efficiently handled nearly every type of real estate dispute our clients have found themselves involved in for many decades. We understand Ohio real estate law and can identify the issues that regularly come up between owners. We work diligently to resolve disputes without litigation by employing innovative solutions/negotiations. We are able to prepare and try unsettled cases agressively befoe the courts when negotiated settlements can't be reached. We are problem solvers.

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General Litigation

When it is necessary for you to go to court, our attorneys have the experience to competently and aggressively represent you. Nothing helps a client more than attorneys who know how to prepare and present the case for trial. Our trial team brings many years and first seat trial experience to your litigation matters. We know how to win at trial or the negotiation table.

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Collections, Foreclosures, Banking

We extensively represent financial institutions in such areas as commercial lending, transactional matters, creditor/debtor relationships, secured transactions, foreclosures, debt restructuring and workouts, and consumer credit documentation and compliance. We represent businesses and individuals and enforce their rights of collection upon delinquent accounts, security agreements and mortgages. In addition, we mount an aggressive and effective defense on behalf of our clients subject to collection lawsuits.

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Family Law/Divorce/Dissolution

Litigation involving divorce, dissolution, custody and support obligations can often be the most stressful event in a client's life. Our attorneys can properly frame the financial implications of these matters and zealously argue our client's position for what is best long term for all involved.

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Criminal Law

Criminal and traffic law encompasses everything from serious felony matters, to a drunk driving charge, to your child’s traffic ticket. All have implications for your future that you may not anticipate. Our attorneys have either successfully prosecuted or defended in all of these situations and understand the implications and risks. We are ready to advise you on how to best fight or otherwise navigate the process from the time charges are filed to conclusion.

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Juvenile Law

We have the ability to represent your families' best interests in Juvenile Court and work out solutions that keep your family intact.

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